Hura Tur Lashine ][ Emine / Эмине

Hura tur lashine
Tytma pĕles pulat’,
Tytma pĕles pulat’ ancah mar;
Tytma pĕles pulat’,
Külme pĕles pulat’,
Unsărăn şulna şuhatan.

Ir tăvansem patne
Kajma pĕles pulat’,
Kajma pĕles pulat’, ancah mar;
Kajma pĕles pulat’,
Kilme pĕles pulat’,
Unsărăn tıvan sivĕnet.

Hura-tur lashine
Păhma pĕles pulat’,
Păhma pĕles pulat’ ancah mar;
Păhma pĕles pulat’,
Savma pĕles pulat’,
Unsĭrĭn utna şuhatan…

Tăvan, aj, halăha
Savma pĕles pulat’,
Savma pĕles pulat’ ancah mar;
Savma pĕles pulat’,
Yr ĕş tăvas pulat’,
Unsărăn jatna şuhatan. i{content: normal !important}


Шухăшăра пĕлтерĕр

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